Your Travel Guide to Marrakesh – Prices, Food and Why You SHOULD Visit!

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  1. ok I really have a question to ask. you are filming places and people travel sponsored and making an income using those footage., then slagging people who supply your material for wanting few euros?

  2. There was no tourists because u went during Ramadan. Also u have to take into consideration that people are fasting in the heat, so u may feel its some type of hostility but you should not take it personal. And all in all i didnt enjoy this video as your attitude felt alittle negative

  3. As a Moroccan who was raised in London but born in Morocco (and I go every year for at 7 weeks) I also get dodgy ppl trying to get money out of me…EVEN THE POLICE, but Morocco is an an amazing💖💖💖

  4. How do you tell a good travelogue from a bad one?
    Ask yourself:
    Did you see more of the presenter and his friends than you did of the actual country?
    What was the video really about?

  5. Are there tour companies to lead trips? How did you connect with your guides? This looks like a fascinating place to visit, but I would not just want to go there without some sort of direction or guides. Thank you for your videos. I am enjoying them.

  6. wery helpful guide, i just wanted to ask, im planning to visit marocco in the end of jully like from 22.0.7 – 30.07. and i just wanted to know if its a smart idea or not so?

  7. We are going to Marrakesh tomorrow. I m even more excited after watching your vlog.
    Could you let me know which guide you used during your stay?

    Thank you and greetings form Munich 🙂

  8. Welcome to my country Morocco, and to anyone who wants to come to my country, I will say hello, welcome you to my house, this is our morals, and I am not joking, speak seriously, welcome you home, just fly to Rabat …

    Wait for you at the airport

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