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  1. Wow, GREAT Documentary, thank you SO much for this, it is so much needed.
    I was in Palestine and in Al Khalil in October 2017 as part of a tour which was led by Miko Peled. An extremely amazing experience. When we were in Al Khalil, next to the Ibrahimi Mosque, we sat in one of the shops – it may even have been Mohammed Al Mohtaseb's shop!
    (I'm not 100% sure about that, but I really, really recognize his son very much, so it may even have been his shop that we sat in for quite a while).

    Thank you so much.

  2. Wahai negara israel jika kalian tidak hentikan dan bebaskan palestina dari kebiadaban kalian menghabisi dan menghancurkan palestina dan kaum muslim maka indonesia yg akan mengempur kalian wahai zionis Israel laknatullah kami akan menggempur kalian habis habisan seperti kalian menghancurkan palestina

  3. It is beyond me to understand why anyone would want to live like this. All of this is wrong. Whatever they think as holy has been defiled with all this hate and bloodshed. There is nothing left there that is holy. It is just memories of the dead, barren land, concret, stone, barbed wire that you all fight and kill for.

  4. I am sorry i wanted to believe the first part of this video until he said they wanted to pay 100 Million Dollars….come on lets be real. Anyone willing to pay 100 Million would most likely be willing to pay far less then that to have them wacked mafia style and then pick up the property dirt cheap.

  5. Wow what a lovely ancient city ! All I see is love 💕 between the young generation, when they express themselves and how they are feeling about the situation. But everything is in Gods hands.I wish them peace ✌️ and love 💕

  6. The Jews are protecting my rights as a Christian to visit the Holy Land. The Islamists would rather cut my throat Love from Australia 🇦🇺💟✝️✡️💟

  7. Thats the feeling of living near a blessed place of a much legendary Prophet. Imagine living very near the Prophet Muhammad's mosque or burial site in Madinah and being offered hundreds of million usd to leave. I will never do it.

  8. Thanks to this brave hearted Jewesh fellow,He really gone beyond so far and crossed to fear line and notified to whole world what exactly Israeli Goverment keeping under the stress and terrorize to innocent people of Palestinian.
    Only the patients and suffered people will win to this ridiculous war,which are Muslim people only.
    Yes if we all humanbeing clearly good enough recognize that ,there is a one life which is giving by the God,we should have to live all together in a peace without no harm each others.Indeed when we look at like these are doomsday's scenarios keep repeating by USA and Israeli goverments it will never happened.
    Peace at Home, Peace in the World 🙏.

  9. Quite surprising for Jewish police killed 29 Palestinians worshiper were in the mosque & subsequently still Palestinian were restricted couldn't roaming freely whatever Israeli or his west bank wants to react like devil beast injustice behavior for decades.

  10. Jews have and will always be in 'Shtetl' mentality, the abuse, rejection, hate suffered in
    Ukraine, Germany all over Europe plus their own upbringing as a Jew which tells them the
    whole world hates them is a powerful marketing gimmick for recruiting the religious idiot
    fanatics to the 'Promised Land' to which they have as much connection as the common
    racially mixed European mongrel has, somehow thru verbal gymnastics they are convinced
    to go to Palestine even though it's forbidden until the Mossiach comes. It's a clever scheme
    to steal land by packaging it in religion.

  11. You arm your self to the teeth because you are the invades. When you attack a people they will defend themselves and that's what you are afraid of. Palestinians defending themselves is what you are afraid of.

  12. Qatar is Continuing its dubious role in supporting Israel and tampering with the Palestinian issue, Qatar-backed Al-Jazeera TV channel "legitimized" Israel's presence in the region by hosting a settler and conveying his views and support through its screen.

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