The Gang Within: A Baltimore Police Scandal | Fault Lines

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  1. That guy at the start saying they failed a polygraph so they should be fired doesn't really know what he's talking about or else he's being willfully naive. Polygraphs hold up in court as well as a psychic. I'm only a few mins in and I can tell this is going to have a major anti-cop bias. I also believe just like the 2016 "Russian bots" this is an attempt by a foreign power to influence American society. They want half the population to take the bait and think all cops are bad. Then they also know about half the population is too intelligent to get manipulated by group think so the 2 views will fight. One side yelling "black lives matter" the other yelling "all lives matter". The more they can bring the States to the brink of a civil war the better for them because it weakens the country. It's really sad that we've come to a point where it's "cool" to hate the police. It makes you feel part of a group. Bad apples are in every industry. If you think all cops are bad you probably need to work on your critical thinking skills.

  2. This makes everyone look bad. Should make everyone feel bad. This is the perfect time and situation for our president to turn a new leaf. This could affect everyone in the USA if everyone watched it and was touched by it enough.

  3. 🐷🐷Couldn't fly!!🤦‍♂️🤪 Who signs off on payroll u didn't know my foot Captain🐖🐷? Milk the public taxs dollar but u didn't know in 2019 u think people are still a fool! Still corrupted!

  4. Great Video. It's Sad that these officers had ruined those people's lives and put a Bad Rep. on The Baltimore Police Department. Don't get me wrong, There are definitely bad apples in the bunch, But there are Far More Really Good police Officers in that department. I know quite a few of them personally. The BDP put's their Lives on the Line everyday to help Serve and Protect the public, So Please Do Not Talk Bad about The rest of The Department because of those Corrupted officers. I pray for all of the victims that were effected by those officers. I will Say ; Thank You for your service BDP. GOD BLESS You all and be SAFE !!!

  5. The sad thing is, this happens nationwide in cities all across America. At the same time, they are pushing to disarm us and take away our only means of protecting ourselves against the gangsters with and without badges. The badge carrying gangsters would have a really easy time of controlling us then.

  6. The police are corrupt because a lot of them are freemasons high-level freemasonry is illuminati this is the power structure of the earth certain the Vatican Zionist Jews freemasonry and they’re all freemasons that’s go team Satan ! They will kill you and impressing you if they can that’s their goal in life ! And the only United States of America and most other countries I mean all countries scripture “the whole world is lying in the power of Satan !”

  7. 🤔🤔 IA division hiding their office, and keeping their officers cases confidential? Interesting. That dude lost 11k and nothing came of it. Pretty soon no one is gonna trust the police, as many of us already don’t.

  8. These cops was wrong. But i GAURANTEE u this. The targets was in the game . You play the game u get dirt. Cops planting atuff to male a false arrest is bullshit no matter what. But when u hustle in these streets and u get got , u gotta take that on thw chin and keep moving. Price of the game. Now for thw few that may have not been players of the game , u shouldnt have to be treated like this

  9. Training Day in real life. The same culture is alive in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit etc. African American's have lived this for years. Where's CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, with this reporting?

  10. They should have hired hackers if they really wanted information. Police with all the good they do don’t understand how to gather intelligence in this digital age. Sadly police corruption is nothing new.

  11. These cops all over the United States are being told to keep this up knowing in the long run people will turn on the cops so they can step in and say ok "we will get rid of police but bring in our federal military police so you can be sure nothing like this will happen again", and then there you have a military police state! I mean, look how much hated the cops are now! More now than ever!

  12. This is a systemic problem with the Baltimore city police they stole $200,000 from me on December 28th 1988 in a drug raid on Druid Hill Avenue and I told everybody and anybody that would listen my lawyer the DEA the judge nobody did anything about it I have no axe to grind now I swear to you that's the truth man it was like $350,000 in cash and I think they turned in a hundred and fifty of it and they pocketed $200,000 Back in 88 they've been doing this all they do it forever I would dare to say the majority of Narcotics cops do that do this cops are dirty dirty people especially cops in the Inner City I don't know if they get taint you know they get tainted or the wrong kind of people want to be policeman it's one of the other it needs to be solved

  13. low hanging fruit! that was hilarious when they interviewed the brother with the gold teeth about having his $11,000 stolen, like as if thats a normal thing to have in your trunk, right

  14. Cops in America have one of the largest Crime Syndicate Organization, and they are very powerful. What can the public do to stop them? And under Trump it seems that they can get away with murder effortlessly.

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