Spain, Morocco Share Common interests and Challenges (King Felipe VI)

  • January 29, 2021

Spain, Morocco Share Common interests and Challenges (King Felipe VI)

Madrid – King Felipe VI has highlighted the importance of the relationship between Spain and Morocco, two countries which “share common interests and challenges”.

“We hope that the health situation will soon allow us to resume the agenda of meetings with Morocco (…) A country with which we share common interests and challenges”, the Spanish Sovereign pointed out Thursday in a speech on the occasion of a reception for the foreign diplomatic corps accredited to Madrid.

“Spain’s relationship with the Maghreb countries is marked by closeness and friendship,” King Felipe VI stressed in his speech, published on the website of the Spanish Royal House.

He affirmed in this regard that the evolution of the dialogue in Libya, which is being held in particular in Morocco, “gives us the hope of seeing a fully stable and peaceful Maghreb”.

King Felipe VI, who welcomed the development of relations between Israel and several Arab countries, also praised the resumption of contacts between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Africa is more and more present in Spain’s foreign policy, “with an increasing weight that reflects the great opportunities opening up on the continent”, he underlined.

Last modified : 29 January 2021

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