Spain Has ‘Circumvented’ Law and Justice to Host Leader of Separatists – News Site

  • April 27, 2021

Spain Has ‘Circumvented’ Law and Justice to Host Leader of Separatists – News Site

Rabat – The government of Madrid has “circumvented” the law and justice to host, on Spanish territory, the leader of the separatists the so-called Brahim Ghali, writes Tuesday Spanish-speaking news site “infomarruecos”.

The entry of Ghali to Spanish territory under the fake identity of an Algerian citizen, with a forged passport, in the company of a foreign medical team, “could not have taken place without a prior agreement between the Spanish and Algerian governments, in a move to deceive Spanish justice,” said the online media in a story by Said Jedidi under the title “The art of circumventing the laws and justice: the citizen Benbatouche.”

Ghali arrived in Spain aboard a medical Algerian helicopter, a process that required upstream consultations and arrangements with the local authorities of the city of Logroño, comments the author.

“How did this operation take place?” wonders Jedidi before answering ironically that the separatist leader would have benefited from it “for humanitarian reasons” unlike Carles Puigdemont and other Catalan leaders who were not lucky enough to benefit from it even though they did not commit crimes of murder, torture and rape.

Quoting reliable sources, the news site reveals that “the Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune has obtained the commitment of the Head of the Spanish government to protect Ghali from prosecution for crimes against humanity.

“The Benbatouche operation was orchestrated thanks to a prior arrangement between the two parties to the great detriment of the law and justice, but at what cost?” concludes the story.

Last modified : 27 avril 2021

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