Morocco Pays Tribute to Brazil’s First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro

  • March 11, 2021

Morocco Pays Tribute to Brazil’s First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro

Brasilia – Morocco’s Embassy to Brazil paid tribute, on Wednesday in Brasilia, to the First Lady of Brazil, Michelle Bolsonaro, for the charity work she promotes within the framework of the “Brasil, Patria Voluntaria” (Brazil, Voluntary Homeland) Program.

On this occasion, Morocco’s Ambassador in Brasilia, Nabil Adghoghi hailed the ties of great friendship and esteem binding the two countries, voicing Morocco’s support for the solidarity initiative sponsored by the first Lady of Brazil in favor of vulnerable populations affected by the Covid-19.

In an address, the Moroccan diplomat paid tribute to the commitment of Michelle Bolsonaro to promoting the values of citizenship and solidarity, praising this initiative “which places the human being at the heart of public policies in social action and allows direct contact with people to understand their expectations and provide protection and assistance.”

For her part, the First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro expressed her deep gratitude to Morocco for this act of solidarity and expressed her admiration for the culture, architecture, culinary art and authentic values of hospitality of the Kingdom.

The program “Brasil, Patria Voluntaria” is coordinated by the Civil House (Department of the Prime Minister) of the Presidency of the Republic. It aims to promote volunteerism as an act of solidarity and citizenship.

Instituted by decree in 2019, the program is intended to be an instrument for promoting social action in an articulated manner between the government, the diplomatic corps, civil society organizations and the private sector.

Last modified : 11 March 2021

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