Moroccan Press Club Condemns “Immoral and Decadent” Behavior of Algerian TV “Echourouk”

  • February 15, 2021

Moroccan Press Club Condemns “Immoral and Decadent” Behavior of Algerian TV “Echourouk”

Rabat – The Moroccan Press Club has condemned the “professional and ethical decadence” shown by the Algerian channel “Echourouk” which broadcast a program that was harmful to the Moroccan people and to the person of HM the King.

This program used despicable language and provocative expressions, the Club noted in a statement, adding that this immoral behavior provides information on the low level of the press and media in Algeria.

The Algerian channel, “whose editorial line is set by the generals of the army and the intelligence services”, disregarded the Algerian law which criminalizes the lack of respect due to Heads of State in the media and violated the fundamental principles of professional ethics as they are universally recognized.

The channel also advocated for war, a morally wrong act, the statement said, adding that it expressed anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews by using simplistic and immoral expressions.

The Club also underlined that this program failed to achieve its objective of spreading hatred and resentment between the two peoples, after the immediate reactions of wise Moroccans and Algerians on social networks against this media approach that does not serve the common future, noting that this act harms mainly its authors.

Last modified : 15 February 2021

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