Inside Story – Should the US negotiate with the Taliban?

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  1. undefeated this taliban the usa cant ever defeat this people because they are afghans, the afghans always played with the superpowers that invaded their homeland and at last they defeated them.the americans made this taliban in the 90's to their friends and supported them to stop the civilwar now those who started the civilwar in the 80's and 90's are the friends of usa and one of these warlords abdulla abdullah is maybe becoming the next president of afghanistan.if the usa that invaded this country wants stability and peace in this country than they have to talk with the afghan taliban.

  2. Obama's leadership is weak and he has made the U.S. a nation to be mocked and humiliated. Putin, China and Taliban have slapped on his face again and again, and Obama just let them, since he only cares his Nobel Price shit

  3. Rogers is a fool 'cause hostages taken by gangsters or terrorists ain't to be confused with POWs, the latter presuppose an ongoing bi- or multilateral war. All I can interpret out of the Obama admin's decision to swap POWs is that the Taliban apparently ain't to be taken as terrorists any longer but as combatants in a war in the traditional sense, a war party which they actually are. Only under such a premise a prisoner swap is to be justified.

  4. Prisoner exchanges have been going on for as long as there has been war.  I am sure the families of both sides are happy to be reunited.    
    Peace is found through negotiations, not the barrel of a gun.

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