Inside Story – How will a Trump presidency impact sanctions on Russia?

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  1. what is it going to take to convince the Democrats they lost because the American People didn't want them in office. It was not the Russians or the Chinese or any other "hacking". The Dems just don't get it. We don't want them.

  2. Lots of Russian trolls posting here I see.  Sad.  Trump will remove economic sanctions on Russia on day one.   That is part of his deal with Putin.  Putin hacks and steals the election with propaganda and trump removes sanctions so Putin can make his 500$billion oil deal with exxon through tellerson.   Trump gets his 500$million debt to putin forgiven(Putin bought trumps debt from Russian banks) and Trump dissolves Nato for putin.   Yes these two psychopaths conspired to steal the election for trump(like putin stole his own election in 2011) and now trump will allow putin to invade his neighbors and to commit atrocities against his own people without interference.  This is what you get when you elect adolf hitler.

  3. Great News, St. Louis admits we're in a multi-polar world. Let the balance of power heal everyone's wounds. Trash the warmongers & let's get to Art of the Deal. Go Trump.

  4. No doubt about it, Hillary would have gotten us into a war with Russia! Trump is the true peace president, not the war mongers of the left/far right!

  5. I am so sick of these luke warm media heads and Politicians. Say what it is. Russia didn't hack us and it's just a ploy to justify US provocation for WW3 and a new World Order. My God, it's obvious.

  6. Obama is a weak disgrace.
    Clinton lost because she was exposed as a corrupt liar.
    Not because the Russians were hacking emails.
    Good for the Russians to expose these corrupt officials.
    Yes , American folk are quite happy about it. And would like to see more hackers and exposers focus on the very corrupt obama.

  7. you're saying that you want to go to war with Russia you're crazy because you think David going to the election full strip show me your proof we don't want a nuclear war thank you f**** mad with your nooks and you f**** sober you want to go

  8. read Obama's policies listen to what they say because you can see one side is for Obama and one side is for Donald Trump they show their colours totally you can see it straight away who's on what side to have your nuclear war boys because you're going to get blown up and I don't want to get blown up but that's the case I have to go with you idiot will blow Me Up with your stupidity

  9. you can see this speaker Ryan is a traitor believe me the wife hates Donald Trump can you imagine being married to somebody and you're in one party and you've got the wife nagging you I know what it's like because I have the same problem I'm married to somebody but would have to different politics it's very hard I can assure you you have to keep your mouth shut because you love your other half you're torn between two people it's terrible but if you've got brains if you get over it you can handle it if you can understand what I'm saying probably can't I find Americans really stupid you just don't want peace you just want war I just want to kill people all the time what's wrong with you

  10. solar panels plan is start a nuclear war try and blow Donald Trump killing f*** being a nomination try and assassinate him but then you'll be then you'll have your nuclear war because Russia will blow you out if you kill Donald Trump I hope kill Donald Trump and Russia will kill you that is my prediction this is just fake news that that's what I think that's what will happen if you guys I'll brother is in charge that is my prediction

  11. and if I was Donald Trump if I was Donald Trump I would tell you are not interested in this s*** and I'm not going to have a nuclear war Ivana show us the proof because there isn't any and I'm not playing into your games but you've got to be a real man to stand up to this idiot I mean a real man stand up to him he's a lame duck and the other leg ducks walk with him come on darling come and have a nuclear war think about it think hard very hard because you won't be alive in three months time you'll be dead

  12. do what the fake president wants nuclear war so you won't have anything doesn't matter about what he wants you know what he wants Lol he wants to destroy America but you guys you've got blinkers on you've been told and you will not listen to get blown up

  13. you want war with Russia well ask him does he want more your faith president more because that's what I think he wants and you American soldiers will kill your own people are amazing you've been told but that they were all corrupt and we still have your blinkers on will start a war and see what happens

  14. In my opinion, Trump won fair and square. No one forced voters to vote as they did. It was ultimately their decision. Lastly, there is a professor who predicted the last I-don't-know-many elections and he said that a Republican was going to win this election no matter who was running because of a number of factors.

  15. Mark is wrong. Obama never said that.Obama has said multiple times that the U.S. would retaliate but never said he would respond with physical military force. Hillary Clinton said that a cyber attack should be treated like any attack. Mark is making up stories just like Republicans. Fake news is king in Russia where conspiracy theories are the norm and half-truths are acceptable. Putin is an instigator and he does things that will antagonize the west such as actions in Georgia, Ukraine, and threats against the Baltic States which are NATO states. Putin is a baby and does these things to show he is a strong and big and powerful guy. Overall, he is weak and resort to authoritarian tactics to get his way.

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