House of Advisors Adopts Four Organic Bills on Electoral Process

  • March 12, 2021

House of Advisors Adopts Four Organic Bills on Electoral Process

Rabat – The House of Advisors (Upper House) adopted, by a majority of votes, three organic bills covering the House of Representatives, the House of Advisors, and the election of members of the councils of local authorities, during a plenary session on Friday, while it approved, unanimously, the organic bill on political parties.

The Organic Bill 04.21 amending and supplementing Organic Law 27.11 on the House of Representatives offers an alternative to the national electoral constituency, replacing it with regional electoral constituencies.

It also provides for distributing the seats currently allocated to the national electoral constituency (90 seats) to the regional constituencies following two criteria: the legal population of the region and the representation of the region.

The Organic Bill 05.21 amending and supplementing Organic Law 28.11 on the House of Advisors stipulates that the most represented employers’ associations are to keep their own parliamentary group within the Upper House while enjoying autonomy. The aim is to enable them to express the concerns of the economic stakeholders and the aspirations of national companies.

The bill includes the same amendments proposed for the House of Representatives on strengthening the guarantees surrounding the electoral process, as part of the unification of the new legal rules and their implementation in both Houses of Parliament.

The legislation includes provisions to ensure that elected candidates remain affiliated with their political party, trade union or professional employers’ organization for the duration of their parliamentary mandate or risk being expelled.

The Organic Bill 06.21 modifying and supplementing Organic Law 59.11 on the election of members of local councils includes amendments related to the bidding process for the elections of the communal councils, in addition to those of prefectures and provincial councils, with special support for female representation within these councils.

The Bill also contains proposed amendments for the two Houses of the Parliament concerning the moralization and the transparency of electoral campaigns and the requirement for candidates to obtain a minimum number of votes to be given representative legitimacy.

The Organic Bill 07.21 amending and supplementing Organic Law 29.11 on political parties was unanimously approved by the Upper House. It is in line with the Royal instructions concerning the increase of government grants allocated to parties to accompany them and invite them to modernize their working mechanisms, in a way that advances the quality of legislation and public policies.

Last modified : 12 March 2021

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