GS News – Assassin's Creed III launches with $60+ worth of DLC

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  1. @Don Drexler Its not short at all! I played through the whole game, running from one main mission to another and didnt do one single side quest, it took me 17 h 30 min to finish the story!! And im an AC Veteran, so i really rushed through it.

  2. When you expect little, you get little.

    I have cancelled two preorders, Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 in the past couple months because of the pre-release DLC talk. Forza Horizon has a season pass that is fifty bucks off the bat.

    If the full game is worth that much money, try and sell it as such.

  3. Because you actually get your money's worth out the game and make it worth spending hours and hours levelling up. I was tempted by this initially I'll admit but hell there's enough stuff in the abstergo store to keep me going for months on end.

  4. why do you ruin the game for everyone I was currently playing assassins creed 3 and now I feel like there is no point in playing it I lost all my money its not worth being hated by everyone by you trolling im so sad now I dont even wanna play anymore and I just got the game to

  5. you mean the game launched with items on the disk locked? How typical of companies fucking over their fans as of late, insulting their intelligence turning them into suckers for buying shit they had bought already and be happy about it.

  6. Borderlands 2 has a season pass as well that unlocks all DLCs but I don't see people complaining about it. And yes, the DLC content are just as unbalanced and overpowered than that of the base game.

  7. fuck ubisoft. cant wait to pirate this when it comes out on pc. ubisoft are quickly becoming one of the worst game companies out there, especially for pc. GR future solider was a fucking mess on pc. i wish steam had refunds, and i bet far cry 3 is going to suck too and they even fucked splinter cell up even more then it already was

  8. How about they release a fun co-op. I really dislike the one now. I propose an idea however, you drop players into a map have a target whom is well guarded. Make him in a hard to reach fortress that you must parkour to get to. Give one life to every player, after the target is killed you have to escape the place. Add some scripted events when escaping like cannon fire from a ship(this was in missions). I think this would be really fun, as an alternate they should add survival one life for each.

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