Government Council Convenes on Thursday

  • April 12, 2021

Government Council Convenes on Thursday

Rabat – A Government Council will be held next Thursday, under the chairmanship of Head of Government Saad Dine El Otmani.

At the start of this meeting, the Council will examine three draft decrees, the first relating to the modification of the decree implementing the provisions of the Dahir considered as law, relating to the judicial organization of the Kingdom, said the Department of the head of government in a press release.

The second draft decree completes the implementing decree for the law reorganizing the Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR), while the third concerns the application of certain provisions of the law on protected areas.

The Council will also examine the protocol relating to the 1966 International Convention on Load Lines, adopted in London on November 11, 1988, with the adoption of a draft decree approving this protocol, it added.

The Council will conclude by examining the proposals for appointment to key positions in accordance with the provisions of article 92 of the Constitution.

Last modified : 12 avril 2021

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