Crude harvest: Selling Mexico's oil – Featured Documentary

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  1. Mexico needs to fight their culture of corruption… Even if USA didn't take advantage… The politicians corruption would be bought by someone else.. …si no Los Americos serian Los chinos.

  2. Same in Navajo res…
    They mine coal and uraniam with out clean up and contaminates soil and water.. plus they steal the Colorado River water from the Navajo nation.

  3. This is ridiculous. Blaming companies for the "oil spills" being caused by locals who are stealing the oil! Drug cartels, oil company employees & those that just want jobs for clean up are deliberately sabotaging lines . They just killed how many more? And it's LOCAL! Unless you want to blame "refugees" in the "caravan"
    Don't think the U S A really needs your oil.
    Keep it up and we'll get the jobs here.

  4. Cry me a river. Greedy companies and corrupt politicians hurt many people everywhere.
    What do you think happened in U S when greedy companies moved out? The auto industry, the steel industry, the tech industry…how about China's horrific transplant industry!?!
    Everyone needs to patrol their own backyard. We are ALL to blame just a little and a few thousands to blame a lot. Time to stop blaming other countries. & people.

  5. Los gobierno venden,pero no comparten con el pueblo,nada tiene que ver USA.ustedes los mexicanos huyen hacia USA.pero el gobierno coge el dinero para armarse hasta los dientes.

  6. Alberto Ramos,los parasitos…comunistas como usted,andan con ese culo ardiendo cuando se habla de USA,y mire usted USA se compone de gente de todas las naciones.40 millones de mexicanos en USA.

  7. Y AHora se sorprenden los políticos mexicanos neoliberales de que estén tan desprestigiados. Para ellos, los más de 50 millones de mexicanos pobres simplemente no existen o no importan. Incluso uno de sus voceros mediáticos, Leo Zuckerman, insiste en defenderlos y entiende la situación como un dilema: más ricos y más pobres, ni modo!!!!! Dice él. Hay que tener esperanza en un cambio ya, nunca en la historia moderna de México ha habido tanta riqueza en tan pocas manos con un sistema de contención social amenazado cuando no destruido.

  8. I do understand that the Mexican government see it as an easy way to finance exploitation of its untapped oil reserves and increase government coffers so that more social economic and welfare programs can be funded and it might work if a tight leash is kept on the lions that are called to feast on Mexico's oil but it is written that a wild beast cannot be made into a tamed domestic household pet, at some point it will revert to its true nature.

  9. Selling of Mexico oil is only good for those who are invested heavily in Mexico's stock market for which only a small part of the population will benefit. The U.S and Mexico economic woes can be resolved by utilizing basic supply side economic methods. A strong market is an essential part of a strong economy but it should not be the main or primary factor in the decision making process. To do so will only result in an social economic unbalance basically the rich getting richer while the poor is getting poorer, few in the middle class will move up in economic status while the majority will decline and face hardships.

  10. NAFTA was such a screw job for the average American worker, that it was kept secret and its existence was even denied while they were building deeper ports in Mexico so they could flood the USA and Canada with cheap goods from China.

  11. US Citizens are also, to a small degree, this angry about the harms of extraction but were pacified for a time by true quality leisure time and strong purchasing power. NAFTA, TPP and other trade deals are business friendly only. Green Energy does not present the same profit growth as exraction. Make no mistake; Joe Average Taxpayer also subsidizes extraction companies. That doesn't make sense (especially since subsidizing Green Energy has been branded as a crime) but again, propaganfa and pacification are very effective – a "worthy investment"

  12. Al Jazeera, ask your self, what does Al Jazeera, owned by middle East oil producing country, have to gain by spreading this divisiveness? Well if you can prevent a rival oil pruducer from producing, with stage managed outrage, propaganda, and opposition bureaucracy, you can hold on to the control of the market by eliminating potential competition. Think about that everytime you read or watch something like this, "what do they have to gain"!

  13. Dear Al Jazeera reporters: I had considerable respect for Al Jazeera and several of your features. The information and emotions presented herein are very distorted and sadly mis-leading. I will point out a number of critically wrong or distorted messages in a followup comment, once I have been able to view the entire video. I neither work for the government of Mexico or any "foreign" oil companies but happen to know a lot about the history and current status of Mexican oil production. In terms of historical perspective, the oil currently controlled by Mexico via the Pemex entity was acquired by nationalization and so were all downstream fuel assets. Due to a large number of factors including significant under-funding of Pemex's activities including R&D (as most of the revenue is used for welfare programs etc) the state of a much thriving and much endowed upstream and downstream industry is in shambles, and in deep contrast to the progress achieved in other parts of North America and the many other parts of the world. The Energy Reform of 2015 and subsequent governments have been trying their reverse this extraordinary slippage. However, the bureaucracy of the systems and significant amount of opposition from persons and groups lacking technical or techno-economic knowledge or simply populist politicians leveraging the under-educated opinions you see on the video have retarded progresses and only education and an overall understanding of issues including the serious depletion of strength over the last decades will help save the situation.


  15. How much money did locals make from that oil before multinationals were allowed to sell it? they still looked poor, ain't nothing going to change. Multi-Nationals bring jobs, its these socialist mindsets that keep these nations 3rd world.

  16. America (the American people) were screwed so hard by NAFTA, which was solely a plot by the New World Order Financial Elite (like "Climate Change") of continual and increasing Globalization, inordinately benefiting the rich corporate executives and flooding America with cheap goods made in primarily 3rd world (and 2nd world) countries. From 1980 to 2015 America lost 30 Million manufacturing jobs as 57,000 U.S. factories were closed due to FTAs like NAFTA. I lost my job to NAFTA, when my factory in Santa Clara, CA (Schlage Lock Company/Ingersoll Rand), closed our plant and moved it to Tecate, Mexico. Millions of good paying American jobs were lost to Mexico. When they opened the Maquiladoras they paid the Mexican workers about one quarter of what we were paid. The goods produced didn't change. The price of the products didn't change. So who pocketed the difference (and we are talking $Billions of dollars)?

  17. This documentary is extremely biased, you can't just go into private property and expect to remove the owners because you won a federal contract that allows you to exploit the area, it's not happening with the mining contracts and it won't happen with oil, even Pemex has problems doing it, then, those small parcels of land 3-10 hectares of land, you can't live off of those, the best you can do is have a nice summer house there or sell/rent them to your neighbor, my grandfather owned a small patch of land that he used to rent, because it was so small that there was no point on trying to live off of it, and it's not like they're ancestral land, this were given out after the 1910 revolution during a period of land reform to people that sometimes didn't even know how to farm, so it's not like they're too attached to it, so when the oil prices rise again if any company large or small from within Mexico or from other countries wants to invest here first think they'll need is to win a contract and then go and negociate with the local land owners to actually exploit the oil in their land.

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