CHAN-2021 (Morocco-Mali 2-0 in Final): “We Dedicate This Title to HM the King” (Houcine Ammouta)

  • February 8, 2021

CHAN-2021 (Morocco-Mali 2-0 in Final): “We Dedicate This Title to HM the King” (Houcine Ammouta)

Yaoundé – Houcine Ammouta, coach of the national team of local players, winner on Sunday in Yaoundé of the African Nations Championship (CHAN), affirmed that the Moroccan delegation dedicates this second title in a row to HM King Mohammed VI.

“We dedicate this victory to HM King Mohammed VI who honored us with His call at the end of this game,” Ammouta told Al Oula Channel, adding that “on my personal behalf and that of all the players, we would like to thank HM the King for His continued support”.

“The main thing in this type of match is victory, which is the crowning of the efforts made by all the components of the national team,” he said.

“We dedicate this win to HM King Mohammed VI. Thanks to the permanent support of the Sovereign, national football is on the right track,” said the President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) Fouzi Lekjaa, at the end of this final, won (2-0) by Morocco against Mali.

“Just after the end of this game, the Sovereign congratulated on the phone coach Houcine Ammouta and the Moroccan delegation for the good performance of the national team”, underlined the president of the FRMF, adding that “it is a great honor and a responsibility which oblige us to make more efforts in order to meet the aspirations of HM the King and of the Moroccan public”.

HM the King had sent a message of congratulations to the members of the National Football Team of local players, winner of CHAN-2021, organized in Cameroon.

Last modified : 08 February 2021

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