AU Commission Called Upon to Play Role in Enhancing Efficiency of Intergovernmental Process (Official)

  • April 15, 2021

AU Commission Called Upon to Play Role in Enhancing Efficiency of Intergovernmental Process (Official)

Addis Ababa – The African Union Commission is called upon to play a role in strengthening the efficiency of the intergovernmental process to serve the African citizen, said, Thursday in Addis Ababa, Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the African Union and UNECA, Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi.

During a courtesy visit to the Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Monique Nsanzabaganwa, the Moroccan diplomat stressed the need for effective and efficient action by the AU Commission to bring the pan-African agenda up to the expectations of the vision of African Heads of State and citizens.

The Permanent Representative of the Kingdom noted that the efficiency of the action of the AU Commission must be based on the triptych of good administrative and financial governance, the credibility of the intergovernmental process and the establishment of a system of performance assessment and accountability in parallel with incentives to attract the best skills within the Commission.

Arrouchi emphasized the need for a strong African Union Commission to enable the intergovernmental process to free itself from logistical and administrative constraints, as well as to give it the opportunity to deliberate on matters of substance and the future of the Union.

The role of the restructured and reformed AU Commission is also to be the guarantor of the respect of the procedures and decisions of the African Union, stressed the Moroccan diplomat, insisting on the need to focus on the operational dimension of the pan-African action in order to give full meaning to the reform desired by the African Heads of State, namely an African Union that implements the main priorities of continental scope and establishes close links with the African citizens.

In addition, the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom discussed with the Deputy Chairperson of the Commission issues related to the new recruitment system of the African Union, in particular the new quota policy.

The Moroccan diplomat also reiterated the full support to the Deputy Chairperson to break with the old practices and latent shortcomings of the AU Commission in order to give the Commission its full potential in compliance with the rules, standards and procedures of the Institution.


Last modified : 15 avril 2021

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