AMPR Condemns Media Deviation of Algerian TV Channel

  • February 15, 2021

AMPR Condemns Media Deviation of Algerian TV Channel

Rabat – The Moroccan Association of Regional Press (AMPR) has condemned the “media deviation” of an Algerian television channel which broadcast a program that was prejudicial to the monarchical institution.

Following the recent attack by Algerian TV channel “Echourouk” against the Moroccan people and their symbols, on top of which the person of HM King Mohammed VI, the executive bureau of AMPR denounced in a statement this behavior which it described as media deviation of a channel financed by public funds.

“The channel openly attacked the person of HM the King, a Sovereign highly respected in Morocco and abroad,” said the association in a statement, condemning the outrageous content of a program by Echourouk towards the Sovereign and the Moroccan people. Such hateful behavior is at odds with the rules of ethics and the basic principles of the practice of the profession, it added.

The AMPR executive bureau called on the “free” Algerian media to speak out against this unprofessional behavior of the “Echourouk” channel, and invited colleagues to mobilize together to serve the cause of development of the peoples of the Maghreb “away from contempt, lies and disinformation”.

Last modified : 15 February 2021

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