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Amazon says more than 19,000 workers got Covid-19

Peter Endig | AFP | Getty Images

Amazon on Thursday released comprehensive data into the spread of the coronavirus among its employees, disclosing for the first time that more than 19,000 workers contracted the virus this year.

The company arrived at 19,816 presumed or confirmed Covid-19 cases by looking at data across its roughly 1.37 million Amazon and Whole Foods Market front-line employees across the U.S.

At that level, Amazon said the rate of infection among employees was 42% lower than expected, compared to the “general population rate” in the U.S. The company has long maintained that the rate of infection in its warehouses is lower than what the rates are in surrounding communities, though that has been disputed by workers, specifically at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota, where infection rates exceeded community levels.

Amazon also gave an update on its progress providing coronavirus testing to front-line workers. Thousands of tests are being conducted daily and Amazon expects to grow to 50,000 tests a day across 650 facilities by November. CNBC previously reported Amazon’s goal is to test the bulk of its front-line workers every two weeks, with employees testing themselves with nasal swabs.

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