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  1. In one of Assad's interviews he mentioned the white helmets were all Qaeda doing propaganda to bring in the international community and over throw his regime financed by Qatar also I noticed they noted to each other of an unexploded bomb

  2. White helmets are created by the dictator/communist US/Europe/Israel to make fake movie gas chlorine poisoning movie and to be transmitted to their masters US/Europe/Israel.They will transmit the movie to the mass corporate inorder to blame the Assad goverment.The Dictator/communist US/Europe/Israel want to steal/grab/cintrol the natural resoures of syria.They created their back up military force the ISIS,Daesh,ISIL,al nushra,Al queda with bullions of dollar budget to make havoc in syria.These groups already taken the deir ezzor oil plant and golan heights taken by israel that us their purpose not to leave syria

  3. Where white helmets appear, civilians begin to die there.
    Did you see the white helmets? Run away from them. White helmets help ISIS bury the people they executed. Offices of Аl Qaeda and White Helmets are located in the same building.

  4. Good old Al Jazeera asking, if Russia is commiting war crimes? Has to be a joke. Lol. Why don't you travel to your capital and ask about human rights, oh sorry, I forgot, you can't, cos you'll get beheaded.

  5. What really sucks is when these terror groups fight around and in heavy civilian populations and they want the planes to target hospital s and schools so it makes more people hate the terrible oppressors the people who lose are the poor kids who's gonna hate which makes more violence later just ugly cycle with no good end in sight

  6. Yes Al Jazeera we should watch Russian closely but please make a documentary with the Title is America committing war crimes in the Syria or actually in the whole middle east that would also be enlightening to the world even though ee know.

  7. There may be people who think it's some else promoting this video for their motives. But one question asks yourself, and also to the people who are throwing bombs killing none but the inocent. What are their hearts made of?

  8. Completley un-objective. You are the best at propaganda. You get first place in promoting ISIS….. and your viewers are completley oblivious to your crazy ideology. Al-Jazeera shame on you. LOL

  9. It's so wrong killing innocent people just for the sake of Power.
    Those who don't fear Allah and do atrocity upon innocent people will pay on the day of judgement.
    Allah SWT is watching it don't worry just wait for his order to come He Almighty will take your revenge.

  10. terrorit groups mortars who fight against each other destroyed all
    All terrorits must be killed and meanwhile the are in the great victory.
    AlHamdullilah Allahkilled them. Allah akbar, Nasrallah rahnar. Ya, ALI great Job of Russian Pilots . they are heroes killing these criminal terrorists.
    Most houses were destroyed by the terrorists

  11. all this violence against the people won't go unpunished for every action there is a reaction justice cries out from the rubble shame shame evil evil evil evil evil. love to the people from the Irish we see your pain X

  12. 頹廢敘利亞政府對於空襲已經處於無動於衷態度, 政府對於盟友軍事行動完全推卸責任。這些行為完全冇考慮市民人身安全。當然,當地人民對於政府的表態係非常之失望,最終人民生活在這個混亂政權下,他們希望有一天從黑暗之中尋找到光明。
    إن الحكومة السورية المتدهورة غير مبالية بالفعل بالضربات الجوية ، والحكومة تتنصل من مسؤوليتها الكاملة عن الأعمال العسكرية لحلفائها. هذه الإجراءات تأخذ بعين الاعتبار السلامة الشخصية للمواطنين. بطبيعة الحال ، يشعر السكان المحليون بخيبة أمل كبيرة إزاء موقف الحكومة ، وأخيراً ، يعيش الناس في ظل هذا النظام الفوضوي ، ويأملون في أن يجدوا في يوم من الأيام نورًا من الظلام.
    The decadent Syrian government is already indifferent to the air strikes, and the government is completely shirking its responsibility for the military actions of its allies. These actions had completely failed to consider the personal safety of the citizens. Of course, the local people are very disappointed with the government's attitude. Finally, the people live under this chaotic regime. They hope that one day they will find light from the darkness.

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